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Creative and Responsible Learning (Spring 2024)

Do you want to learn new tech skills and get paid for it?

SMUSD TECH Academy offers after-school technology professional learning opportunities for all SMUSD faculty and staff. Our learning series and sessions are designed to be small-group, hands-on, and FUN!

This spring, we're offering a fantastic 'Fostering Creative and Responsible Learning in Artificial Intelligence' workshop series just for K-12 educators. The four sessions will be packed with insights, hands-on experiences, and guidance from the amazing folks at POIETO. They're pros at delivering ethical AI education, focusing on giving you the knowledge and skills to bring AI into your classrooms responsibly and creatively. Participants are paid up to 2 hours per session at the SMUSD Special Projects rate.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up and boost your tech skills!



Elevate your teaching with our 'Fostering Creative and Responsible Learning in Artificial Intelligence,’ workshop series - a specialized training program designed for K-12 educators. Our AI Series focuses on equipping teachers with the knowledge and skills to integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) into their classrooms responsibly and creatively. Throughout the program, educators gain a comprehensive understanding of AI's historical landscape, cultural implications, foundational principles, and language models. We emphasize fostering responsible AI practices, including ethical considerations, data citation, and collaborative creation of an AI Code of Ethics. Additionally, we inspire creative teaching practices with AI through project-based learning and hands-on projects using POIETO AI project-building software. Participants who complete all 4 sessions will receive a POIETO certificate of completion. Join us to enhance your teaching approach, empower your students, and be at the forefront of educational innovation.



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