"Power With Responsibility"

Do you want to learn new tech skills and get paid for it?

SMUSD TECH Academy offers after-school technology professional learning opportunities for all SMUSD faculty and staff. Our learning series and sessions are designed to be small-group, hands-on, and FUN!

This fall, we're offering 6 learning series and more than 20 individual sessions to help you harness the power of technology responsibly. Participants are paid up to 2 hours per session at the SMUSD Special Projects rate and will receive a Tech Academy commemorative after completing a full series.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for a learning series or session today and boost your tech skills!


FALL 2023 TECH Academy Calendar


Fall 2023 TECH Academy Sessions Descriptions & Facilitators



Each session is designed to incorporate session time plus pre-requisites and post-session activities which accounts for 30 additional minutes. Therefore, participants are eligible to be paid for up to 2 hours per session.


Session Slides

FULL DECK 11-8-23 Google Bootcamp L1 & L2
10/16/23 Cybersecurity Essentials for Everyone: Cybersecurity Awareness (Session 1)
10/23/23 Cybersecurity Essentials for Everyone: Authentication & Password Management (Session 2)
10/30/23 Cybersecurity Essentials for Everyone: Data Safety & Backup (Session 3)
11/6/23 -Digital Citizenship Fall 2023 TECH Academy Slide
My Intro to ChatGPT Slideshow
Classroom Control and Monitoring with GoGuardian Teacher: Fall 2023 TECH Academy
My Intro to ChatGPT Slideshow
Learning with ChatGPT Slideshow
Maximize PowerSchool Admin 10/19/2023
OLD PowerSchool Reporting.pptx
10/26/2023 Tips for Schoology (Session 2 of 4)
Customize Reports: Google Sheets and Excel

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